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What is the Nunchuka Seminar?

What is the Ground Survival Seminar?

Weapon Seminars

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Why should we do any seminar?

  • The types and styles of martial arts in the world is incredible.  In order to be effective, we are forced to limit what we teach in our regular classes.  The seminars give students and our instructors the opportunity to expand on what is taught in regular classes. 

How often do we have seminars?

  • Seminars are offered once per month on the same date as the PNO.  This is always on a Friday from 5:00-5:45.  Each month offers one Target Seminar and one Weapon Seminar.

How long are the seminars?

  •  Each seminar is 45 minutes long, just like our classes.

Who can participate in the Target Seminar?

  • Students of any age can participate in a target seminar. Ideally, an adult, typically a parent or grandparent, will participate with them since they are learning how to practice at home.  Our weapon seminars are limited to Junior Taekwondo and above students.

What is the Bo Staff Seminar?

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What is the Stix Seminar?

Weapon seminars are focused on learning more about a specific martial arts weapon.  They are an excellent place for Juniors to learn how to safely handle some of the traditional martial arts weapons such as Bo Staff, Nunchucks, and Tonfas.  Since these are not taught in our regular classes this is an opportunity for students to explore some of the techniques that can be used with these weapons.  Weapon seminars are geared for Junior Taekwondo and up students.