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Focus Work Shop Locations

Marietta Martial Arts @ Shallowford
4401 Shallowford Road, 30075

(at the intersection of Johnson Ferry - next to Publix)
Call for information (404) 369-9712 -

Here is the Answer!

Marietta Martial Arts is offering a FREE Focus Workshop entitled “20 Ways to Show Focus in the Classroom.” Our goal is to plant the seed at the beginning of the year so that students will be more focused throughout the entire year. Some of the key points for this school talk include: saying yes ma’am/no ma’am, making eye contact with the person talking, not talking while the teacher is talking, to raise their hand when they a question or an answer, how to sit properly when listening and more - all while having more fun than should probably be allowed!

This is an annual event that Marietta Martial Arts is pleased to host for our community.

Ninja Party is aka for Focus Workshop

Does your child struggle with math or writing because he has a hard time paying attention in class? 
 Is it a struggle everyday to get your child to turn off the video games and finish her homework? 
 Or does your child speed through his class work and not put forth his best effort on the daily assignments?

May Ninja Party

At Marietta Martial Arts, we believe that martial arts training

encompasses all aspects of a students’ life, not just the physical.  As

students move through our training programs, parents quickly see that we place a high value on their academic development and achievement through emphasizing “Future Black Belt Behavior.”


What is “Future Black Belt Behavior”?

Focus * Self-Discipline * Respect

Join us to find out how you can instill Future Black Belt Behavior in YOUR child at our FREE workshop entitled 20 Ways to Show Focus in the Classroom.


January Ninja Party

Marietta Martial Arts @ East Lake
2145 Roswell Rd, Marietta, 30062
East Lake Shopping Center - next to the Wild)   Call for information (770) 321-1371 -

January Ninja Party

Marietta Martial Arts @ Woodlawn
1205 Johnson Ferry Road, 30068

(at Woodlawn & Johnson Ferry - with Chic-fil-a)
Call for information (404) 200-8957 -

Now that Winter Break is over and your child is headed back to school, this Party will be a Fun way for your child to get ready. This FUN, one hour event is designed to get the kids back in the habit of showing Focus in class. Improved focus leads to better Self-control in the classroom and ultimately leads to better grades. Using martial arts in our Ninja Party, kids have a fun time developing and improving their focus skills.

Our Party is completely FREE and open to the community.
Space is limited

May Ninja Party

Free Ninja Party