Target seminars are a fun learning  process for both the Student and their Parent.  The greatest benefit of the participating in the Target Seminar is when the Parent learns how to use the target at home with their Child. After the seminar, Parents are now ready to assist their Child in their martial arts development.

The Target seminar focuses on skills of how to hold the target and the purpose of the particular target.  The seminar also provides drills that can be practiced at home.

Target seminars are geared for Little Dragons or Junior Taekwondo students but the seminar is open to any Student / Parent that is interested in learning how to use the targets.  It’s a great way to connect with your child and you get to keep the target for use at home!

There are three Target Seminars that are rotated throughout the year.  Each seminar is offered a few times per year.  All the targets are held by a partner and each seminar has its own focus. As always, you keep the target after the seminar.


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What is the Porkchop Target Seminar?

  • This seminar covers using the target that looks, well, like a porkchop.  It is used almost exclusively for kicking drills.  Because it can be hit from either side it allows for a student to do combinations that may not be possible with just the square targets, particularly spinning kicks.  With a target area about the size of your palm, it is also one of the smallest targets we use so accuracy becomes a focus.

  • The porkchop target teaches many of the physical skills needed for the Jr TKD classes.  Where the square targets are geared more for punching, the porkchop targets are primarily used for kicks.  As with most kicks, the most important skill needed to execute a kick is the pivot.  The pivot is generally the hardest physical skill for young Student to learn.  Practicing at home can greatly enhance a Student's ability to properly pivot. 

What is the Single Target Seminar?

  • As the seminar title implies, this seminar includes one square target.  The target itself can be used for a large number of drills - including balance drills, accuracy drills and many other drills

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What is the Double Target Seminar?

  • This seminar is an add on to the Single Target seminar. However, the Single Target seminar is not a prerequisite for the Double Target.  At this particular seminar, all Students will receive one square target to take home for future training. Students that participated in the single Target seminar are welcome to bring their first target to the seminar.  If you need to, MMA will loan a second square target that can be used during the Double Target seminar.

  • Using two of the square targets in tandem is most often done when working on combinations of punches or kicks.  It allows the student to use kicks or punches that cover various angles that often can’t be covered quick enough with only one target. 

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Why should we do any seminar?

  • The types and styles of martial arts in the world is incredible.  In order to be effective, we are forced to limit what we teach in our regular classes.  The seminars give students and our instructors the opportunity to expand on what is taught in regular classes. 

How often do we have seminars?

  • Seminars are offered once per month on the same date as the PNO.  This is always on a Friday from 5:00-5:45.  Each month offers one Target Seminar and one Weapon Seminar.

How long are the seminars?

  •  Each seminar is 45 minutes long, just like our classes.

Who can participate in the Target Seminar?

  • Students of any age can participate in a target seminar. Ideally, an adult, typically a parent or grandparent, will participate with them since they are learning how to practice at home.  Our weapon seminars are limited to Junior Taekwondo and above students.