Marietta Martial Arts

BB Prep Class

Black Belt Prep Class are 8 Saturday classes leading up to the BB Test
The Prep Class is just that - class to prepare Students for the test -
These are not classes to learn Forms and Requirements - This is to Fine tune you skills

Students who are eligible to test will receive a “Save the Date” email
that will list out all the dates important to the Black Belt Test AND when the Prep Class Starts

It is Mandatory for any students testing for Dan - No Senior Red Belts

Endurance Test

Endurance Test is in 2 parts - Written Test and the Endurance Test

Required For Bo-Dans and higher – No Senior Red Belts
1-Week before the Technical test
The Endurance test also includes a Written test
Written test is at 9am
Endurance test is at noon and generally 3-5 hours long

What is the Black Belt Test at Marietta Martial Arts

Why is the Black Belt test important? –
Why is it a milestone? -
Who tests? –

Senior Red Belts with a minimum of 48 classes leading up to Black Belt Test and
your ability to perform all your TKD Forms to a satisfactory level, this will be measured during the BB Evaluation.

Bo Dans with a minimum of 48 classes leading up to the Black Belt Test

Dans with a minimum of ??? classes leading up to the Black Belt Test

Where is the BB Test held? –
It is only conducted at MMA’s East Lake location

When is the Black Belt test? –
The Test is ONLY scheduled 2 times per year – May and November

There are NO Make ups

What to expect? –
It is a Two-day Test comprised of two separate Tests: The Endurance Test and the Technical test

How will I know if  I am Testing

If you are eligible to test at the Black Belt test you will receive an email with the upcoming dates for the next Black Belt Test – timing of receiving the email is end of May, for the Nov Test and end of Nov, for the May test

Black Belt Invitation Packet –
             Is given once student has qualified, through evaluations

             Black Belt Invitation Packet includes specific requirements for students –
there are additional test requirements for those testing for 2nd Dan or higher

             Packet lays out the expectations and direction for Students

Marietta Martial Arts Black Belt Test

Black Belt Program

BB Program is a program MMA creates for each Black Belt Test.
It commemorates the special occasion with information about the Students testing.

Mandatory for Dans - We create a Bio for each Student Testing for their Dan

Cost is minimal - the cost is to cover the printing

What can I say in the Program - Shout-Outsare for Family and Friends to send support for their Student

What to expect - Click Here for an example of the Black Belt Program

Technical Test


All Students – Senior Red Belts and higher are required to attend
 Technical Test is 1-Week after the Endurance test
 All Students are required to have their own sparring gear
The Test starts at 2pm and is generally 4 - 5 hours long
All Students Need to arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the Technical Test

No Make- Up  Test

Because the BB Test such is a special accomplishment and the test itself is so rigorous, we cannot offer any make-up tests.  We do our best to communicate to the students, parents, and the families when the BB Test is scheduled so you can reserve the appropriate dates and times. MMA schedules the BB Test years in advance so if there’s a concern of a possible conflict, we encourage you to ask one of the Master Instructors for the future dates. We realize that no one can control illnesses or family emergencies. As much as we regret our No Make-up requirement, even during an illness or family emergency, we cannot allow a make-up Test. The only option we have is to reschedule your BB Test for the following (May or Nov) BB Test. 

Measuring Your Black Belt


Anyone who is testing for their next Dan will need to be measured.
Measurement can take place at any MMA location by one of the instructors or you can measure their belt size at home. We have even made the task of measuring their Sr Red belt easy by recording a video

Since Black Belts are customized for each Student –
Each Student will also be asked what name they would like on their Black Belt.
MMA will ask that at the same time their belt is measured.