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When are the Spirit Nights?

We provide your school 2 Spirit night per school year - first in the fall (Sept or Oct depending on available Friday nights). The second event is in the spring (March or April depending on available Friday nights)

For YOUR school's specific date - select your school in the list on the right side of this screen.  It will take you to the registration page where you can see the possible date to select.

The time of the Karate Spirit Night is always on Friday from 6pm until 9:30pm. 

Your Spirit Night........

What is the Cost for Spirit Night?

Our goal is to make it as affordable for all families to attend the exciting Karate Spirit Night, especially for families with multiple kids.  So we offer sibling discounts to helps our families.

The cost of the first child is $20.  The second child is $10 and the third child costs is $5.

Remember - 100% of ALL of the funds generated for your school goes directly back to the school

Why is the Spirit Night so Beneficial?

The Spirit Night / Parent's Night Out  / Kids' Night Out is a WIN-WIN for everyone

  • Kids - have a blast learning learning their Ninja skills for the best Jedi adventure
  • Parents - enjoy an evening out without the Kids - yes, a Parent's night out
  • Your Elementary School - receives 100% of the proceeds generated for the Spirit Night

Spirit Night Sign Up

Star WarsTMNight

Call Us at (770) 321-1371

3 Convenient Locations

This a special Jedi training night where the Kid's experience an out of this world adventure.

Jedi training begins with martial arts skills and drills which is then followed by obstacle courses.  The night is not complete until dodge ball tell-a-ton is capped off with castle dodge ball, team dodge ball, Monkey in the middle, and a few other dodge balls games especially designed for the Jedi / Ninja training.

Karate Spirit Night Out

Marietta Martial Artsis THE place to be in the Fall