Recent studies have shown that programs like our Taekwondo for Kids, which focuses on personal achievement, are vastly more effective that team sports!

Our program can and WILL help your child increase their confidence, self-esteem, and discipline, while teaching them life skills that will that will last them a lifetime.  Let me explain why you MUST come see our program for yourself, it will be the best thing that you will ever do for your child!

Karate lessons at Marietta Martial Arts will benefit your child because we work hand in hand with him or her providing improved self-discipline, confidence and goal setting skills. Students at Marietta Martial Arts learn that through dedication and work all worth-while goals are possible. Parents directly attribute their children's improved grades and attitude to the self-direction and motivation our program provides.Type your paragraph here.

Kids Karate at Marietta Martial Arts

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First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Bill Wendell and I have been teaching martial arts for over 26 years.  I’ve worked with thousands of kids (just like yours!) over the years. 

For years, Marietta Martial Arts has been nurturing children like yours with character building tools found only in the martial arts and karate. No other sport can match them.

In the next few pages, I’m going to tell you how you and your child can sample all of this, and more.

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 "Now he is becoming better focused and is definitely more respectful."

Marietta Martial Arts has definitely instilled in my son a sense of respect, discipline and goal setting that he needed. He is excited about the opportunities and what he is learning. Prior to joining, his activities were group and he was easily excited. Now he is becoming better focused and is definitely more respectful. We are grateful to have found something such as MMA to drive him forward positively.

Rebecca Woody (parent)
Marietta, GA

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2-week Trial Karate Classes for $20
Here to Reserve Your spot

  "As a direct result of training, people notice an increase in discipline, self-esteem, and self confidence."

 MMA offers those things and more.  Marietta Martial Arts is a place for families.  It is a place whose instructors understand the importance of family.  It is a place whose instructors have the same core morals and values.  In today’s society we have to be so careful of the people who come into contact with our children.  We work hard, as parents, to instill morals and values, good from bad, and right from wrong.  We work hard to ensure that programs and people of whom come into contact with our children only add to that foundation.  Marietta Martial Arts is just that.  It is a program full of people who not only want to teach Taekwondo, but they do in a positive, nurturing, and family environment.

Sheila Moore (parent & student)
Marietta, GA

Dear Parents,

It’s a scary world out there for kids, isn’t it?

Each day we ask our children to face challenges that were unheard of just a few short years ago. 

Such as: Overcrowded classrooms, peer pressure, violence, and levels of negativity in our society that can discourage even the brightest and most optimistic child.

But what if I were to tell you that:

  1. Your child can develop the skills that it takes to be healthy,
    happy, and confident
  2. That the process is easy.

Your kids will enjoy the process!

Marietta Martial Arts

Did you know that Martial Arts is 10 times better than Team Sports in developing a child’s self-esteem and confidence?Type your paragraph here.


What can Karate do for my child?

What’s the Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Child?....


With Confidence Anything is Possible!

I am so glad that you're taking the time to read about our karate program.  What I would like to do next is invite you visit one of our location and see for yourself how much fun the students have during their class. Scheduling a day & time is should be easy so I have added a link that will allow you to pick a time that is best for.

Watch as your child increases in confidence, energy and spirit. Stand and be dazzled as he or she becomes unstoppable in their quest for…

  • Greater academic achievement
  • Unshakable self respect
  • Increased strength and fitness, in both body and mind
  • Fearless self-confidence
  • Awesome self-control
  • Unshakable self-esteem

And all of it comes while learning how to “kick, block, and punch.”