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MMA Parents and Students.... 

Since March, many of the Students have worked really hard training online or in-person with a few of the instructors.  Our lives may have been turned upside down because the COVID-19, but we can still work towards our next belt.  That brings us to an exciting opportunity to participate in our TKD test using Zoom.
Starting Thur, May 28th, we will host a TKD belt test.  In order for an instructor to watch and grade a student on their technique, we have to limit the number of students per spot to 8 students.  However, we have multiple time spots scheduled starting as early as 2:30pm.  If you can't access ZOOM we have one time available to come in for on site testing at 6pm.
The following link will allow a students to register for their belt test and pick the best time available for their schedule.

                                                                             Click Here to Register

There are a few requirements that I need to ask the parents to help with.
1. Student must have been training online or privates or in-house.
2. No Sr red or black belts, and no Little Dragons
3. Must have a clear 10 x 10 area in which to test
4. Must have on uniform
5. Need to have someone controlling the camera for them so we can fully see all they do (could be a family member or a friend).
The test is scheduled May 28th (Thur on-line) while the board break and receiving their belt will be done May 30th (Sat at MMA). To maintain social distancing, we will establish a rotation to safely stagger students in and out of MMA.  The details and the timing of the Sat belt ceremony schedule will be sent in a separate email.
If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call (770) 321-1371.
Master Bill Wendell

May TKD Test