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The last few weeks, we have seen a mild concern grow into a panic and fear for many families as the Coronavirus has spread into Cobb County.  At MMA, we are taking precautions very seriously and would like to share with our martial arts families what we are doing to keep everyone safe.

Let’s start there. Everyone’s safety is our number one priority. We have always felt strong about sanitation and proper cleaning of our facilities, but the Coronavirus has caused us to step up our sanitation efforts.

Current Sanitation Practices

  • Daily spraying for all of the floors (training floor, viewing area, bathroom, and walkways) with an approved disinfectant
  • Daily wipe down of all surfaces with Clorox wipes (counter tops, light switches in bathrooms, tables, chairs and doorknobs)

Additional Sanitation Efforts

  • Disinfectant spraying of the training floor in between classes (so all of the classes are freshly cleaned before your child steps onto the floor)
  • Each Student will be required to use Hand Sanitizer as they enter the training floor
  • Instructors will stop asking for high-5s from kids
  • Drills used in the TKD classes will be modified so Students have limited (if any) physical contact with each other
  • Sparring will be modified so Students do not have contact with each other which means that they are not required to wear their sparring gear.

We are constantly monitoring and researching recommendations from the CDC and other health organizations on how to handle the Coronavirus. With that in mind, we strive to keep all our families safe by closely following the CDC’s recommendations for proper disinfecting our facility.
As much as we are willing to clean and disinfect, we understand that some families will remain concerned about the safety of their child. This is why we want to provide our martial arts family with an alternative when it comes to their karate training.  Starting
Monday, 16th, we will conduct online classes for Little Dragons and TKD students.  Families will receive two emails each week with the link to the online training.   
We also understand that not all families will feel the need to stay home.  Therefore, MMA will continue to offer karate classes at all three of our facilities.
Ultimately, families have an option when it comes to their martial arts training – you can train via our weekly online classes or you can attend our facility and have personalized instruction. 

Our goal is to keep everyone informed as the situation changes.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call at


Master Bill Wendell

Keeping Our Kids Safe!!!!