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At Marietta Martial Arts, we believe that martial arts training encompasses all
aspects of a students’ life, not just the physical. As students participate in our classes, parents
quickly see that we place a high value on their individual development and achievement
through emphasizing “Future Black Belt Behavior.”

What is “Future Black Belt Behavior ”?

Respect - Focus - Self-Discipline

Respect : Martial arts begins and ends with respect. Respect is simply showing someone or something
that you care. Showing respect can be easy as saying “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir” or raising their hand
before speaking. We will demonstrate and help re-enforce ways that students can show respect to teachers, classmates, siblings and parents!

Focus: We teach children how to focus and our philosophy is simple. We teach them that they focus
using their eyes, their ears and their brains. It’s the ability to focus, in the class room and at home, which
will determine a student’s level of success. That’s why we place such a high emphasis on this behavior.

Self-Discipline: Doing what you are supposed to do without being told...all students will benefit from
developing more self-discipline!! We discuss in each class examples how students can show self-discipline
at home, at school and in karate class.

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3 Convenient Locations

When your Child is sick and the y miss their ASP Karate class, then your Child can do a make-up class at any of our facilities located in a shopping center near your school.

After-School Karate with Marietta Martial Arts

ASP Karate registration can be done by one of two methods.

1) You can register directly on-line by selecting the appropriate elementary school in the top right corner. From that link, you will be able to sign up for the current session

2) Or you can mail your registration form directly to us and we will process your child's next ASP session

          MMA at Trickum

          485 Guilford Cir

          Marietta, GA 30068

** If you have any challenges or questions about the ASP Karate session, please feel free to call us at 770-321-1371

Day Camps are offered through out the school.  Click HERE for the camps offered at Marietta Martial Arts.

The benefit of the After-School Karate classes are that they are taught at your Child's elementary school.  This not only provides the Kids in the ASP program something to do during their time, our After-School Karate also allows busy families the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of martial arts with the convenience of having it at their elementary school.


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